Apple Update – 1.2.32


  • Added ability to change payout instructions in the GUI.
  • Added an option to revert to sequential read. There are some systems (primarily macos+exfat) where the parallel read features results in very long lookup times. This addition makes the parallel feature the default, but adds the ability to disable it and revert back to sequential reads.
  • Added backwards compatibility for Coin Solutions in push_tx since renaming it to CoinSpend.
  • Added an option to set the default constants on the simulator.
  • Added a warning to user to not send money to the pool contract address.
  • Added capability to enable use of a backup key in future, to claim funds that were sent to p2_singleton_puzzle_hash, which today are just ignored.


  • Updated blspy to 1.0.5.
  • Updated chiapos to 1.0.4.
  • Included all Chialisp files in source distribution.
  • Removed left-over debug logging from test_wallet_pool_store.
  • Made changes to allow us to use the name coin_spend everywhere in our code, without changing it in the API requests, both outgoing and incoming. Enables us to decide at a later date when to cut over completely to the coin_spend name.
  • GUI sees update when plots or harvesters change.
  • Increased the cache interval to help large farmers.
  • Removed proof limit for mainnet, but not testnet. This helps with pools that have very low difficulties.
  • We now also allow hex strings prefixed with 0x which is required because we currently prefix the strings in JSON conversion.


  • Fixed error type in
  • The wallet ignores coins sent by accident to the pool contract address and allows self pooling rewards to be claimed in this case.