Apple Update – 1.2.62

Today we upgraded to version 1.2.62 to address a resource bug with nodes, and we want to stress the importance of updating to it at the earliest convenience. The fix prevents a node from consuming excessive memory when many Bluebox Timelords are active on the chain.


  • Updated to BLS 1.0.6.
  • Updates to the Rust conditions parser.
  • Adjusted plot refresh parameter to improve plot loading times.
  • Add Pool NFT Recovery Function.


  • Fixed memory utilization issue related to how the node handles compact VDFs generated from blueboxes. We recommend everyone update to this version to avoid memory issues that can impact farming and harvesting.
  • Fixed issues with reloading plot files detected as bad (this can happen during plot copying).
  • Fixed 25 words instead of 24 when creating a new wallet

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